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Quantum Integral Medicine Book Cover

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What The Experts are Saying:

"Michael Wayne has brought us closer to the understanding we need in order to heal ourselves, each other, and the world. Quantum-Integral Medicine stretches the mind and heals the body." -- Marianne Williamson, author, The Gift of Change

"A revolution in medicine is taking place, and no one sees this more clearly than Dr. Michael Wayne. At the heart of this transformation is a new place for consciousness and its role in the world. Mind-bending ideas about how the universe works will change our views of health, illness, and our destiny as humans. For a clear-eyed glimpse of the future of healing, QUANTUM-INTEGRAL MEDICINE is a must read." - Larry Dossey, MD, author, Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, andHealing Words

"A clear, reader-friendly account of how we humans have envisaged our relationship with the universe and our own bodies over the centuries - and the exciting adventures awaiting us in the present and future. A marvelous book." -- George Leonard, author, Mastery and The Ultimate Athlete

"Michael Wayne is a visionary. Quantum-Integral Medicine is an exciting and provocative journey through the frontiers of research on physics and consciousness to a future where the nuturing of our innate healing potential is central to the practice of medicine." - Jeff Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H., author, God, Faith and Health and Faith, Medicine, and Science

"If you are interested in health and healing more from a holistic view than the conventional biomedical view, you will be interested in this book. The author, using ideas from quantum physics, complexity theory, creativity research, and the science of consciousness, attempts to develop an Integral Medicine - a medicine that incorporates the body's innate healing wisdom. Does he succeed? You be the judge." - Amit Goswami, Ph.D., author, The Self-Aware Universe and The Quantum Doctor

Quantum-Integral Medicine: Towards a New Science of Healing and Human Potential

By Michael Wayne, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Is there an innate healing system within the body, capable of facilitating the healing process? And if so, what is the mechanism that triggers this potential? Many scientists, philosophers, healers, and spiritually minded people have asked these very same questions, and Dr. Michael Wayne has begun to address the answers.

Although billions of dollars fuel the modern healthcare system, people are not getting healthier-the contrary seems to be the case. Modern medicine does not have a good track record with chronic ailments because these are more complicated, diverse, and unpredictable, and do not fit in with modern medicine?s more linear approach that requires patterns that follow set rules. For this reason our current form of medicine has problems with many illnesses, even those as commonplace as the common cold.

It was Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, who believed the full activation of a patient?s own healing system was central to healing. Yet this, along with the full development of human resources and human potential, is not fully understood, nor is it given much attention in modern medicine. This leads back to the question: Is there an infinite potential, a wellspring of healing capabilities within an individual that, if tapped, can play an important role in that person?s ability to heal?

Dr. Wayne believes there is, and in this groundbreaking book, he lays out a roadmap for understanding the mechanism of the innate healing system and how it can be activated and mobilized into action. He does so by integrating science with spirituality in such a way that it creates a new scientific foundation for understanding the nature of the innate healing system. By creating a new foundation and a new roadmap, Dr. Wayne believes, the terrain becomes easier to figure out.

In the early part of the 20th century, scientists discovered that the laws of nature were different than what they had come to believe, but they had no new laws to explain their findings. This era became known as "The Quantum Stone Age." Finally in 1925 quantum theory was fully developed and a new scientific foundation was created. We are in a similar time now. Dr. Michael Wayne's Quantum-Integral Medicine: Towards a New Science of Healing and Human Potential will take us out of our current Stone Age and to new horizons.

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